Mar 16, 2016
StefanoFrassi (All reviews)
Look I think I understand what is wrong with the people giving bad reviews to this brilliant anime, they are being too..Kantian...let me explain.
I am not a big anime fan in general, yet I grew up watching and reading Dragon Ball and let me tell you a secret I believe we all should keep in mind: the beauty of Dragon Ball is its diversity of registry, ranging between comedy, romance, horror, drama...and whatever else you may think of.
Each character in Dragon Ball is endowed with affinity towards a specific element...BUT each character also has some room to expand and switch between his less dominant traits. Even Yajirobē had its dramatic moments, and Piccolo had its comedic ones.
The same is true for the whole chapters, yes Dragon Ball Z has a more mature and dramatic tone than the original Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT is surely much more of a commercial product which targets younger audiences...BUT these are all generalizations and they can only grasp a portion of what each of the chapter actually amounts to.

Dragon Ball Super is a fresh, inspired look into Goku's world, offering beautiful artworks and some brilliant story-telling, the right combination of comedy relief and thundering action. The comic scenes with King Kai at the beginning are just the treat, Beerus and Whis turn out to be absolute comic geniuses on par with mythological Master Roshi in the original Dragon Ball or Old Kai in Dragon Ball Z. The battle sequences between Goku and Beerus in deep space are unprecedented and IMO they set a milestone for the whole saga in awesomeness.
I think that much a better work could and should have been done with the characters of Gohan, Chichi, Krilin, Goten, Trunks, Piccolo&Co, it seems that Beerus, Whis, Goku&Vegeta, Bulma got a first-class script while the rest of the family is stuck with cliché and predictable/boring dialogue.
About Vegeta, I think he has the potential to become the most loved character in the series, he is smart, strong, has great timing in its lines and he is (almost) always at the right place at the right time story-wise.
I cannot but highly recommend this Dragon Ball Super who stole my heart and brought me back almost 20 years* and wish you to have as much fun as I had!

*I hope Jaco is not reading me;)