Mar 13, 2016
whiteteeth (All reviews)
I started watching this expecting a male version of the pretty cure series. I was in the humor for cliches and silly jokes, and a not very deep story... and i did get that, and so much more. I wasn't expecting to enjoy this as much as i did.

This show isn't advertised as such, but no matter what they tell you it IS an spoof/parody of magical girl and shounen ai genres, and fanservice for ladies. That doesn't make it less enjoyable, it actually make it become really refreshing.

The five main characters are a bunch of highschoolers with different stereotypical genre personality traits (the cute one, the brains, the playboy, the richboy and the lazy one), that are chosen by an alien pink Wombat to save the world and give love to the loveless. The funny thing is that they actually couldn't care less about this job, and even they make fun of their silly outfits and create hilarious names to their attacks.
I was pleasantly surprised how it got better episode by episode, and even though i would have love if they have given the plot more substance, i think it fulfills the purpose for what it was created: to make you laugh.

The only thing that i really think that sucks a lot are the monsters. They could have made something better if they tried... but it's ok, i was actually expecting something like that.

But anyway, hear me out, if you want something light-hearted and funny to pass your evening, give it a try.