Mar 13, 2016
trigger_segfault (All reviews)
Non Non Biyori is a true master of the slice of life genre. It doesn't follow the typical cliche things girls do in their free time in the city but instead accounts for what to do when the city isn't an option. The result of Non Non Biyori is a mixture of heartwarming, happiness, and nostalgia for your childhood. Non Non Biyori Repeat improves upon that even more and created one of the happiest times I've ever experienced watching anime.

Story: (9/10)
The story is pretty basic. It's the exact same as Non Non Biyori but takes place at different points in time between the first season and shows them. Renge seems to have a much bigger presence in this season and I enjoyed her stories a lot as Renge is one of my favorite characters. What really makes the story amazing is all of the experiences these girls have. They all revolve around nature, small towns, and childhood.

Art: (10/10)
The backgrounds used in this anime are really where Non Non Biyori excels. They're absolutely stunning and create a beautiful world of nature to enjoy. The animation is a huge part of what makes this anime so enjoyable.

Sound: (8/10)
The sound is great as always. When the moments are right the music is always there to make the moment even more heartwarming and beautiful.

Character: (9/10)
The characters are the same as before. As stated, Renge is a lot more present in this season her stories really have the biggest point of nostalgia.

Enjoyment: (10/10)
Here's where this anime stands out. The enjoyment is very different from any other series I've experienced. For me, watching Non Non Biyori Repeat gave me an overwhelming sense of happiness and nostalgia, so much that I even cried a few times. I feel to truly enjoy this anime you had to have had a bit of experience with nature as a kid. The nostalgia that oozes out of this anime is based on reliving a bit of the childhood you did have, and the childhood you wanted to have.

So if you want to relive your early life with nature and you enjoyed Non Non Biyori even a little, make sure to tackle Repeat. It's a great continuation that has by far truly been the best slice of life I've seen yet.