Mar 12, 2016
711nono (All reviews)
I think that anime adaptions of manhwa and manhua are greatly encouraged due to a lot of them having really great stories to tell. One of these is noblesse which is a brilliant manhwa that uses something as generic as vampires and creates something extraordinary with these vampires. However, Noblesse Awakening while being an enjoyable watch, it does not capture the integrity of the source material.

Of course I can't be too harsh, this ONA is only 30 minutes or so and its hard to pack the first 80 chapters of a manga into 30 minutes. Obviously I knew they were going cut out much detail in an attempt to cram as much info into these 30 minutes as possible.

Well let's start with the positives, one, the animation is pretty gorgeous. It was colorful and fairly fluent and I really loved the character designs. There were a couple of moments where j didn't care for the animation such as when Frankenstein was bowing down to Rai. The voice actors and music were also quite good and they both fit into the story. The action and comedy were also on point and they captured the essence of the series.

The story was the most dissapointing part of the ONA. This was because they extracted an excessive amount of detail from the source material. All they really gave us is the framework of a great story. The same happened with the characters. They made it so blatant that they were skipping around that characters just appeared out of nowhere contrary to being properly introduced.

Well in the end there isn't much to say. This ONA is good for people looking to get into noblesse and it was quite nice. However the way I see it you should only watch this if you've red a significant amount of noblesse because in the end all this is is an overblown commercial for the amazing manhwa.