Mar 12, 2016
mcrider (All reviews)
In case your also wondering if the romance is between the girl and the cat, then the short answer is YES but am sure its not as twisted as you might imagine. The story is the most awesome thing about this short anime, its not exactly something that is gonna make you tear up but its guaranteed to move you, watching "Kanojo" from the cats POV as she struggles with finding a job and the stresses of having to adjust to living alone as a new adult in the society.

story: 9/10

Like i said before, the story is definitely the best part about this anime, its fast paced since the anime is very short, but wont fail to make sure you understand everything very clearly, the cat narrates most of it, showing us flash backs from the life of Kanojo when she was a child and her problems as she was growing up.

Art 7/10

Not exactly what you can call the best but it was awesome, the animation wa smooth and the emotion behind every action were portrayed well in every scene. That is about as much as I can say about the art.

Sound 8/10

Im the kinda person who would stop watching a movie or anime just because they messed up the sound tracks for a certain scene, This anime absolutely matched the soundtrack with that heavy tone of watching someone fight responsibilities, I never really notice any anything if the character's voice acting is messed up but am sure you will find that the sound is OK.

Character 9/10

The anime doesn't really use a lot of characters considering that the anime is from a domesticated cat's POV, but as far as am concerned the character's were very realistic, the way they talk and act is what you would see in real humans, absolutely down to earth characters.

Enjoyment 10/10

Without a doubt this part takes a 10 because of the awesome story, a very short anime but for just the 7 minutes that you will watch, it will totally reel you in slowly, I like stories that are fast paced because i easily get bored listening to too much detail, this anime packed every up in short scenes that make you understand fast.

Well this review my not be of help but am pretty sure you will enjoy the anime just as much as I did, its one of those anime that doesn't give you much room for hating it so am sure no matter the type of anime you like, this one is definitely a watch for any anime fan.