Dec 10, 2009
Onslaught2k3 (All reviews)
Not having read any of the novels this great yet short series is based off, I really liked the presentation, development, and the events which took place throughout this series.

This story surrounds the main protagonist, Guin. I myself never seen a barbarian-like man with the head of a Leopard! That was the main reason why I got interested in this show and I surely hope it's the reason for others. Besides our bold, responsible, refined, and primal-powered warrior role-model mentioned, the music, side characters, sub-plotting and development are just outstanding!

Though Guin is a very powerful soldier and leader, he is faced with much stronger calamities than any of the other characters in the story (durp, Onslaught2k3, DURP) which doesn't leave you with the aftertaste that Guin is overpowered like some other protagonists in other franchises. His greatest weakness is his lack of self-knowledge that propels him to search throughout the lands to find out WHO he truly is and more importantly his DESTINY.

A few issues any informed viewer of this anime would have are natural. The only/main one being there's SO MUCH MORE to be told in this anime it's hard to believe that it was officially ended at ONLY 26 episodes which I believe covered the first novel of the 127 novel series.

Each character has their own severe trails brought upon them as if it's some sort of test sent to them by their respective deities (there's Jarn, the god of Fate, Doal, the god of Evil/Darkness, others in which I've forgotten). Every character is thoroughly explained in the anime and there's no confusion as to what their true intentions are (minus one supporting protagonist named Aldo Naris).

This story largely focuses on betrayal as many people are stabbed in the back throughout the series. The involvement of spirituality, the different racial backgrounds and the significance of each, and the more serious trials involving Guin is what really sucked me in to loving this series in almost any way possible.

From open to close, each episode is filled with significant material like some sort of beautiful birthday or christmas present. The opening/closing themes are well-composed and vocalized (closing theme I absolutely adored) in this series and is worth recognition.

This series in my opinion is meant for the younger adult crowd looking for spiritual and deeper enjoyment out of a japanese cartoon. I would've loved to see how far the anime could go (who knows, maybe there is litigation going on to get more seasons pumped but as subtitler [Frong] says: "I guess that much is left to the novels.").

This anime adaptation of Guin Saga will definitely leave you wanting more, but in a much more positive and heart-warming sense. If you want to watch this or have a glimmer of hope you'll like this show, WATCH IT NOW! JUST WATCH IT! I guarantee you that you'll have at least SOME enjoyment out of this show!