Mar 9, 2016
Preliminary (3/17 chp)
This is my first review, and I'd like to point out that I haven't watched Kill La Kill show all the way trough yet, but I know the basics. Also I haven't read more than one volume of this manga simply because the first one leaving really bad taste in my mouth.

The plot is same as in the anime, after all, this manga is adaption of the show, which would explain why it wasn't so good thing to read.

If you were looking for good quality manga, you are at wrong place. Despite the show being amazing, this comic is not. The art style is good, but the comic panels are really messy and confusing. The way they're drawn, you barely understand what is going on half of a time. This manga is one example of good art style not working if your basic comic drawing skills are not half way decent.
Reviewer’s Rating: 3
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