Mar 6, 2016
Zomaru (All reviews)
I'm not going to bother writing a full review. This is literally Oreimo V 2.0, go read a review of that if you want one for this. This author either doesent know how to write anything else or is in love with his own sister, but I digress.
The art ain't the best but its fine
The story is original enough I guess, nothing special
Characters are Copy paste of Oreimo with new hobbies
But hey, if you like watching cute girls and the ocational lewd situation then, I mean, I guess there are worse things to read.

If you expect an actual review, well, I can attempt it, but Don't get your hopes up. The story centers around Kyousuke V 2.0, AKA Masamune, A guy of indeterminate age who writes a novel a day for whatever reason. And his shut in sister Kirino V 2.0 AKA Sagiri, A girl who is probaly Bisexual, and enjoys spending months on end locked in her room drawing lewd art for novels, Somehow managing to keep a girlish loli figure despite her hardest exercise being walking to and from the bathroom. Is that digressing to far? I'm not sure, but someone had to bring it up.

Any way, the entire plot seems to focus around getting Sagiri out of her room, Which is just a convenient excuse to surround our local neutron star with a harem of women who bare striking resemblances, in charactor and likeness, to characters you are probaly very familiar with if you are bothering to read this far.

Any way, if you are board and wanted to chuckle a little, I'd give it a try. But It's nothing to go out of your way to find.