Mar 2, 2016
Deago (All reviews)
Adapted from a PlayStation game called Ape Escape, it is a series of computer generated anime shorts.

Story - 1/10
No story here, just short episodes of comedic random events.

Art - 3/10
For me, The art was nostalgic since it reminded me of old 3D anime-like Playstation games; it's from a ps1 game afterall, I liked how some characters make funny faces. The animation is somehow slow.

Sound - 3/10
Fair voice acting, but very lacking opening and BGMs.

Characters - 1/10
The anime features three main characters:
- Kakeru (aka Spike): is the protagonist, he is a cheerful boy; but seems to have a bad luck as he frequently gets into terrible situations or teased by the monkeys.
- Natsumi: Older sister type, she's very short tempered at times.
- Specter: He's arrogant, narcissistic.

Overall - 2/10
It's a kids show, watch it if you're bored and want to laugh at its simplicity in comedy.