Feb 28, 2016
CobaltSigma (All reviews)

I came into Naruto Movie 2: Dai Gekitotsu! Maboroshi no Chiteiiseki Dattebayo! with low expectations due to how much the first movie sucked but it turned out a little better than I have expected.

Story: (4/10)

The story of Naruto movie 2 begins with a big battle with Gaara, Kankuro, and the sand village people fighting against mysterious armored soldiers. It then cuts to Naruto, Shikamaru, and Sakura on a mission to catch a ferret but are soon interrupted by the mysterious armored soldiers. In terms of story, this movie beats the first movie's story but not by much. I found the story to be boring and predictable at many moments but it does attempt to keep the viewer in it by making battles happen left and right. The movie still keeps the trend of the first movie by incorporating modern things in it even though the anime's setting says otherwise and examples of this is a giant moving fortress made out of metal that has a gigantic drill in the front of it, small containment capsules, and a machine that are able to track things down. The story introduces a new things called gegel stones that supposedly can make a utopia even though the origin of the gegel stone clearly explains that people who used it went insane with power and killed each other which doesn't make any sense for Temujin to think that it will make a utopia and surprise, surprise, what do you think happens?

Art and Animation: (6/10)

The art in this movie was good and the character designs managed to stay consistent much more than the first movie. There were some interesting visual scenes during Kankuro's battle with one of the villains of the movie. The animation for this movie was definitely a step up from the last movie and the anime.

Sound: (5/10)

The soundtrack in this movie was very forgettable with the best song being the ending song. For some reason the movie used a song that sounds very similar to "The Raising Fighting Spirit" which is Naruto's main theme in the anime and it makes me question why they didn't use that one instead of this new version.

Characters: (4/10)

The characters definitely aren't the best part of the movie. First off, like always, we have Naruto who is always being an idiot with his shenanigans and is fueled with nakama power to beat any foe that comes his way. Next we have Shikamaru new to group which I'm thinking is because the movie takes place during the time in the anime when Sasuke goes with Orochimaru. Shikimaru does contribute to the plot somewhat but is mostly used for whenever the team needs to fight. Sakura is still the character that doesn't contribute anything to the plot and is used when the team needs to fight. Then we have other newcomers which are Gaara and Kankuro. Their whole role in the movie is to be more allies for Naruto so they can fight off the other villains and are usually put standing around in the background so the creators could remind us that they are still in the movie. Then we have the main character of the movie who is named Temujin. For the most part he is a pretty well developed character with how much backstory we are given about him but my main problem with him is how much he is an idiot. Examples of this is how he follows the people who think that the gegel stones will lead to a utopia even though the whole origin of the stone is explained to him and near the end of the movie he starts to realize all the destruction he has done when in the past we are told that him and the group he is in had destroyed an entire village and even then he still didn't realize how much destruction he has caused? I mean, c'mon. Finally, we have the villains which there isn't really much to say other than that they are very underdeveloped.

Enjoyment: (4/10)

The action scenes were cool to look at and there was some amount of character development.

Overall: (4/10)

Naruto Movie 2: Dai Gekitotsu! Maboroshi no Chiteiiseki Dattebayo! is an clear improvement on the previous movie but it still lacks many things for itself to be good.