Feb 27, 2016
HatefulRandom (All reviews)
So um, Super Powered Mongolia Invasion is actually not about Mongols at all. Well they are there but... only for the first chapter.

Story - 7
What if instead of discovering steam and electricity we discovered...well...giant limbs? This is the story of our world developing with giant limbs as locomotion. Is it original? Surely. Is it entertaining? Likely. It is coherent? No. No, no, no.

Art - 8
The art style is very detailed and very bloody. Keep away from people who have a lot of nightmares, as there is a lot of night-mare fuel.

Character - 3
I think there was a memorable character in there somewhere. But that's not the point. Developing a character goes contrary to the writing.

Enjoyment - 7
This is highly variable. If you enjoy a complete random adventure drawn with excellent art quality, this is your cup of tea. Unfortunately none of the extremely interesting ideas were much expanded, leaving much to be desired.

Overall - 6
There is a high chance you will enjoy some of this lucid dream. I certainly did, but as a novelty. If you don't like the first chapter you definitely won't like the rest.