Feb 25, 2016
Paraturtle (All reviews)
It's Alien in anime form, but it tries to set itself apart by having more character backstories and a weak moral theme in the second half. It's nothing special, and not nearly as intriguing as it could have been. It's also really predictable, as the title and early sequences essentially strip away part of the mystery.

When it comes to story telling, we don't even get five minutes into the film before it's telling us things out right through forced dialogue. A real shame.

The Captain was the only interesting character and the rest are potential canon fodder for the alien creature to munch on, which we never see. We also don't see very much of it either because we're constantly shown boring sub-plots that don't matter because we're expecting everyone to die anyway, so it's not even a good horror film where we get to watch the creature kill things. That is not to say horror films should just be glorified snuff, but if a movie fails to have any compelling characters or themes, then it sure as hell be fun to watch - which this wasn't.

Audio and Soundtrack:
I enjoy an orchestrated soundtrack in horror films. It was neat to hear piano, and an absolutely beautiful and compelling track during the opening credits. What I don't like is different genres jumping around on me. Orchestration to some electronic to rock and roll. It's overbearing and pulls you out of the immersion. Songs are cut short at awkward moments as well, which pulls you out again.

The audio is nothing special. It works. It's got a retro feel to it.

Not very good. There are better animated films that were released in the 80's. None of the perspective shots are scary, and most of the time I wondered why I was being shown hallway after hallway with a different color pallet. I understand it's on a ship, but a ship has different locals. Maybe a hall with windows? Perhaps the sleeping quarters, kitchen, entertainment room, bathroom??

The creatures animation was pretty neat. I wish more scenes were shown with it. If so, the film would have been much more enjoyable.

Final Thoughts:
I said I'd watch it last October but forgot. That's the only reason I picked this up. From what I've come to learn, most horror anime aren't very interesting and fail to be scary. I don't think I can even say that I enjoyed myself while watching this. I've kicked the habit of looking at my phone when watching films/shows, but this one had me pull it out once or twice because I was so bored.

However, the film isn't offensively bad, it's just boring. I can't say I'd go so far as to NOT recommend it to people, but I won't say anyone should watch it, either.

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