Feb 23, 2016
It Girl (Anime) add (All reviews)
Veneficia (All reviews)
Well the lyrical optimus prime has touched the shores of mal *wink wink* ha ha?! Get it because he sings about waves the videooo.... *coughs* well time to review.

Story - Well the video shows us pharrell being a pedophile when he smiles at the lolis at a distance while he looks at them through binoculars and calling one of them his "it girl" and inches himself ever so closer uuuuh. 5/10

Art - It really goes from an anime style to sonic to street fighter to freaking final fantasy all with pharrell trying to get closer and closer to the twin tail loli desu. 6/10

Sound - Generic ''You are the girl for me'' song 1/10

Character - With pharrel actually letting this through well it really tells you what kind of character he is eh? *coughs*lolicon*cough* 4/10

Enjoyment - I sat through it and it is not as good as happy so 6/10

Should you watch? Yes! Only to buff up your list and nothing more.