Feb 10, 2016
14clock3 (All reviews)
just to let you know, i watched this anime in english dub

this should only be watched if you want to have a bit of a laugh. my rating is low as i want to rate everything equally. i dont want to be too biased. there really isn't any stable plot, honestly, what are you expecting from this naruto shippuden spin off?

the art is not the same as normal naruto series but i like the simplicity of the art, making them really small and kinda cute.

i really like the music and stuff in the middle of an episode where there's a short break where it shows tenten, lee or neji doing one of their signature moves.

the characters are really funny, especially rock lee. rock lee is what makes this so funny.

overall, i enjoyed this anime, had lots of laughter.

but to not be too biased on liking comedy anime, ill like to balance out my rating to "how good the plot is" so when including that balance in, i rate this 6/10