Feb 8, 2016
YoshinoVA (All reviews)
There are some animes out there that you aren't exactly sure what you're getting into when watching them, but as time goes on, each part of the episode tells that fantastic, unique story that ends up with some deep, memorable lesson.

Dokkoida!? is not one of those animes. It is actually much, much better.

Let's start it off with the Story. The story in and of itself is really clever to the point in which the simplicity actually helps the story get much more interesting. You have 2 superheroes and 3 villains all living in the same house, but with absolutely no idea that any of them are the superheroes or villains they fight on a daily basis, despite some of the interactions between them being absurdly obvious. It was this clever way of telling the story - and backstory - of each character that was so well done for a 2003 anime that I started recommending this anime to everyone. But that's a different topic altogether.

Art and Sound - The art style is great for the time it was made in, just wacky enough that it could've been mistaken for a comic book show, based on what it was going for. The music and voice acting, both in the english dub and the original voice over, flow exceedingly well with each other, and the chemistry between actors makes this show more or less worth it.

Characters - The development, the personalities, everything about these characters are pretty much on point. You have so many different personalities clashing with each other daily, and showing in other scenes about how they're all friends really sends a point home, that it doesn't matter what your friends are like on the outside, the point is that they're your friends. In this case, they're your friends until they put on their outfits and you fight each other multiple times over because that's the premise of the story.

Now, I know there are flaws in most animes, but I honestly think this is the one that's just pretty hard to see flaws in. Overall, Dokkoida!? takes the point of the show and does exactly that, and does it exceedingly well. The humor is always just as good as can be delivered, and the scripting overall is guaranteed to make you laugh at least once per episode. It's a modest anime that doesn't give you more than you bargained for, just the exact amount of what you would, and that's what makes it one of the most under-appreciated animes I've ever seen. A real golden gem underneath all the fake diamonds.