Feb 5, 2016
scyax (All reviews)
if you want the short version: Id say this is more enjoyable to people who are fans of and have read the manhwa than people new to the series, so if you havent read that already then you definitely should, but maybe hold of on watching this till then.

I just wanted to make this review so that people dont get the wrong idea about this series, whilst i did very much enjoy this ova i think the pacing was ridiculous and kind of ruined would could of been an even better experience. Its been a couple of years since i read the section of the series that this ova covers but to put it in perspective this 30 minute ova tried to cover something close to 80 chapters of the manhwa, which to me seems like a bad idea on the behalf of the animation studio, but i do understand as not alot of action happened early on in the series and i guess they wanted to get to that because thats people want to see i guess.

overall aside from the extremely bad pacing which ruined and took away from alot of the characters and the plot i enjoyed this and it was really great to finally see my absolute favourite manhwa being animated, although i feel like unless youre a fan of the manhwa prior to watching this it may seem awfully generic and lacking. so my recommendation would be to read the manhwa atleast the first 80-100 chapters before you watch this.

Story i would personally give an 8 because i can understand and i know alot of stuff that wasnt shown, but if i hadnt already read the series the story would probably be closer to a 6 tbh.

the art was good, nothing amazing or interesting but good and enjoyable

The voice actors were all fairly good choices aside from maybe rai and m21 who both seemed to sound alot younger than they should of.

anyway overall id give it an 8, but i can understand if alot of people really didnt think much of this.