Dec 1, 2009
Tetsuo3K (All reviews)
I first watched Scrapped Princess back when it was originally being fansubbed. I decided then that it was the best anime I had ever seen, and my opinion hasn't changed. To this day it's still my number one favorite and I've watched it over at least three times. Recently I decided to watch it again, and I was inspired to write this review from the perspective of a long time fan.

The story of Scrapped Princess is remarkably engaging. The setting, middle-age fantasy with elements of science fiction, is still believable. This is the kind of fantasy world I would like to live in. I find myself almost drawn in as I watch. Coupled with great character development, each episode is enjoyable and the plot never feels like it's dragging on for too long. I only wish the backstory would have been explained in more detail regarding the Dragoons and Peacemakers, as well as their creators.

Speaking of characters, I don't think there's a single genuinely unlikeable person in this whole story. Even the baddest of the bad ones I can hardly bring myself to hate, and I really feel like I want the good guys to win. Each character has his own distinct personality traits, but they aren't overplayed, and tragic moments actually feel tragic.

Everything is drawn well in Scrapped Princess. The characters are never off-model and the backgrounds in most scenes are nothing short of beautiful. The fantasy-sci fi setting is presented incredibly well. Ruins of a highly advanced, long dead civilization dot the landscape, but scenes still evoke an "old world" feeling.

I can't really say much about the music. It seems pleasantly understated, if anything. Nothing stands out in the soundtrack, but it always fits the mood.

Regardless of its faults, I can't possibly recommend Scrapped Princess more. I've never seen anything else like it. It doesn't get old no matter how many times I watch. To me, the plot is still just as fascinating as it was when I first saw it.