Nov 15, 2006
martino (All reviews)
Toei did a pretty good job with the animation for this series. It isn't anything amazing, but it does have it's own beauty. Character designs are very nice and rather consistent, with some chibi scenes thrown in. Running scenes are done quite well too. The backgrounds are quite simple, but nicely drawn with pastel which adds a special "touch" to this series.

Sound was one of the stronger points of this series. A nice OP and ED, with quite catchy melodies. In addition, very nice background music was used. I cannot comment too much on how well seiyuu-s did they job, but I think that it was good.

The storyline is pretty simple. Two sisters living alone in an old apartment, with their mother dead and a father that just disappeared from everyone's sight. There is no core plot, it's done in an episodic way which I think is a bit of a pity since it could have focused more on something specific. However the main theme was the relationship between all the characters. It could have used more episodes to develop the story a bit more, since we aren't given too much information on all the other characters. Myself I didn't like the occasional cheesy scenes. Not sure why, but I just didn't find them to fit well into the overall image of the series. Some light comedy was thrown in here and there just to relieve the usual drama tension. You might also want to have a tissue ready when watching this. The last episode in particular is a bit touching.

Since this series is only ten episodes long, there isn't much time to develop any other characters except for the two sisters. You could also say that Asu, the younger sister, can be classified as a "moe" character. She is cute (you can't deny it), full stop. Overall there isn't a big number of characters. You have the two sisters, the apartment owner, the two rich sisters and the Yamada sister's two neighbours which in overall makes seven characters. Some of them appear just once or twice through the series, but some are brought into the plot more often, but their are mainly used just to fuel the sister's story. However each of the characters are likeable, since they are all different in their own way.

I enjoyed watching this. It's nice to watch sometimes a series that doesn't revolve around a core plot, but wanders carelessly. It's easy to enjoy watching this, because you don't have to strain your brain to start thinking over some really difficult issues that were brought up. The last episode was in my opinion the best, since it did get a bit touching and that's what I really like. However I can't see myself watching this again, maybe only the last episode.