Feb 2, 2016
NotenSMSK (All reviews)
Go! Princess Precure was a hard thing to pick up given that my preferences - while being variant with genres like Horror, psychological, comedy, slice of life, mecha, sci-fi, sports, shounen etc prominent - never really had the Mahou (magical) part. However Princess Precure is more than just pretty girls being super powerful and awesome. But before I tackle what is the anime's theme (I don't mean the story/synopsis) I would like to convey one thing strongly. Go! Princess Precure is not targeted towards a mature audience and so don't expect it to appeal in such a manner.

The anime is meant for a younger audience, regardless of gender and should be appreciated as such. That doesn't mean a grown up CANNOT enjoy it (I am 23 and I loved it) but one has to keep in mind what the anime is about and for whom does it deliver. Which brings me back to my main discussion. Princess Precure is saturated with positive themes. It's basic premise would be to follow your dreams no matter how hard it is. Alongside it gives many other valuable lessons regarding friends, family, and understanding people. It shows us that the struggle for our dreams may be tough but still we struggle because we dream. And that is the beauty as well as the crux of the anime.

Now since it is for kids, it does not border on themes that are surely part of real life but may be hard for kids to understand or might have a negative impact on them and so we have no adult style jokes, no deliberate sarcasm, no politics (back stabbing and what not). And of course we have a long transformation. However that doesn't mean we have a bland story with no ups and downs. There is tension, there is anticipation, there are rather quite thrilling scenes.

The pacing is well done - it doesn't move the story too fast for it to confuse or too slow for it to bore. The animation is good - it is over all a vibrant and smooth display and where the anime wishes to deliver, it delivers beautifully with intense fighting scenes (no blood or gore though). The sounds are complimenting though I didn't find anything excessively outstanding about it. The characters do adhere to certain specific traits but honestly, given that it was for kids, excessive 3-D personality build would be unsuitable. That is not to say that the characters are just dumb projections - they play their part well.

So if one understands that the anime is in essence a lesson targeting mainly kids, then anyone can enjoy it. It has a lot to offer and plot wise it handles things very well leaving a memorable experience. I hope you enjoy it!