Jan 30, 2016
I don't know what an NG-shuu is, sounds like some hip Japanese hair product, but this Kuroko's Basketball special series is a collection of short blooper reels ranging around 1:30-4:00 minutes each. As it sounds, it copies several scenes from the anime exactly until they deviate when something goes comically wrong.

The original Kuroko's Basketball had a decent sense of humor, even if it unfortunately used Japanese wordplay frequently, so it comes as no surprise that these bloopers do have their laugh out loud moments now that the writers are expressly focusing on the humor without having to worry about the tone of the story. These skits are far from equal in quality, but given how short each one it is it hardly feels like time wasted. It can be frustrating how long the original scene is set up to get to the point where the joke is, but that's really all there is to say. These jokes don't give any new insight into the characters, and plenty are situational comedies that have nothing to do with the specific characters, basketball, or the original point of the scene.

With all that can be said having been said, this is easily recommended to Kuroko's Basketball fans so if you're on the fence about bothering just go ahead and watch already. You'll get at least a laugh or two.