Jan 27, 2016
Miyuki (Anime) add (All reviews)
faisal_awesome (All reviews)
this is my first review so take it easy ^_^ , Miyuki is a romance slice of life anime the talk about a guy called Masato who live alone by himself,and his father and his little sister that called Miyuki are living in Canada, and he didn't meet his sister for 6 years , one day his father decided to send his sister back home in Japan to take care of him, then he figured out that his sister is adopted. and he love a girl in his class that also called Miyuki. so you will see kind of love triangle between the main protagonist and the two Miyukis, the show focus more on comedy and i have to say it is funny most of the time, and it will put the protagonist choosing between the two Miyukis.

story 7\10
the storyline was fine as the characters developed a bit each episode so you will feel the charecters getting closer to each other and understanding each other feelings,however some of the side characters didn't develop at all, and some of them are really annoying and always ruining the moment and that kind of pissed me off. in the other hand there are some really worm moment between the main protagonist and his little sister, that show the strong relationship they have,and how this affect his relationship with the other Miyuki that is his a classmate.

Animation 5\10
because the anime is really old, animations is pretty bad. however that didn't affect my enjoyment while watching that much, it really depends on the person himself, if you ok with old animation style then you will not face that much trouble watching this anime.

Sound 7/10
the voice acting is surprisingly good special the littel sister ( imoto ) voice acting she's a pretty cute , and the music is pretty good as well its old style but do suit the moments, my only complaint that the anime is a pretty old so you feel kind of noise in the background and the sound effects most of them are pretty bad as well.

Character 8/10
let's put it that way the main three characters of the serious are really good,and you will feel really connected to them. however the side characters are average one of them is it pretty funny and always add to the anime, but most of them are just here to give some comedy here and there and there comedy will get old really fast.

Enjoyment 7/10
this anime is really enjoyable if you into a clumsy romance slice of life that have a good triangle between the characters, and good characters development. most of the comedy is funny as well, and you will feel really connected to the main characters, if old animation is not a problem for you I say go ahead and watch it.