Jan 24, 2016
resinweber (All reviews)
//**Spoiler Alerts Included**//
First let me get this out of the way; there is no second part. However, the first part was really well-written and performed. The way it ended (no spoilers here) implies there would be a second part but sadly there isn't as its 2016 now. So, a perspective shift is needed at the end otherwise you feel like youre left at somewhat of a cliffhanger.

Aku no Hana is in fact, a pretty twisted anime. It's not "edgy" twisted, or really implausible, either. Basically, the main Character, Kasuga, as said in the description, ends up stealing a gym uniform on total impulse, and this crazy girl who hangs out in the sidelines sees him. The girl, Nakamura, is a bad-news bitch who believes that deep down, everyone is very messed up, hiding all their carnal desires and instincts through walls in their hearts. She sees Kasuga take the uniform and it fills her with excitement that she saw another person acting like a deviant. She then sets out to force him to do things he thought he never wanted to do, like making him wear those stolen gym clothes while on a date with the girl he stole them from.

Now, the whole time I'm watching this go on, I'm thinking "why doesn't Kasuga just spill the beans? There are plenty of opportunities like when Saeki, the girl whose uniform he stole, basically makes it clear she would not be upset the slightest if he did it. Still, I realized this anime wasn't about the passing of events regarding the stolen uniform, because well, that would make the plot seem kind of tacky where things got stretched so far out of hand and somehow could get fixed by just telling the truth. Which, if i'm being totally honest, is what I wanted it to be about.

//"How-I-Feel-It-Ended" Spoilers//
For the first half of the series, I thought it'd be about how far a lie gets taken and that possibly the truth can set you free. Then, after a certain point, there was literally no turning back and things got very interesting, but they definitely changed because I knew I'd recoil if somehow telling the truth fixed Kasuga's problems. Instead it became about an evil flower; which, you could say both Nakamura and Kasuga are. However, Im referring more to Kasuga as he basically becomes evil. That is the way I saw the anime to suit the ending scenes.