Jan 18, 2016
I seriously did not know there was a third season for Miss Monochrome: The Animation, but after I saw the listings of anime for Fall 2015, I knew I had to watch it. I know I am pretty late to review it since it’s 2016 but who knew it would come out so soon after the second season?

Anyway, Miss Monochrome: The Animation 3’s storyline takes place right after the second season. In this season, Miss Monochrome’s album has finally been released and she is now preparing her tour to become more famous. From my point of view, it seems as if this season was similar to the first one. Miss Monochrome: The Animation 3 brings that over-the-top comedy back with a new reference in each episode. I was really surprised to see that they brought this element back but in the back of my mind, knowing how each episode was set up made it feel repetitive. With that being said, the story may not feel like it progresses, but it does. Speaking about references, Miss Monochrome: The Animation 3 references events that happened in the first and second season. If you haven’t seen the first and second season, I advise you to do so.

There’s not a lot to say about the characters. There’s no major addition or anything of the sort. Yayoi is still the same overambitious klutz, Maneo is still trying to do whatever he can to help, Miss Monochrome is still trying to become famous, and Ruu-chan is being Ruu-chan. Mana and Kikuko make an appearance from time to time but not as often as before. The backup idol group for Miss Monochrome, Caramel, gets a little more air time though.

Needless to say, the art style of Miss Monochrome was enhanced. The character designs look more detailed and the environment is a little more vivid as well. The 3D CGI for Miss Monochrome has improved dramatically such as the lighting and detail. If you were tired of seeing the same old outfit Miss Monochrome had on, do not worry. Miss Monochrome has a different outfit in the new ending which makes it refreshing to see.

Something that should be noted is that there are two opening and ending theme songs now. The first opening and ending theme songs are “Black or White” and “Step by Step”. Both first OP and ED theme songs were the same from the second season, but had a few new animations included. On the other hand, from episode 10 and on, the opening and ending theme songs are “Miss Monochrome Taiso” and “Kimi to Boku”. I really wished that they changed the opening and ending theme songs in the beginning. To me, it didn’t make sense that they would put a good theme song near the end of an anime; I found it to be very disappointing since I was only going to hear it for three episodes.

There’s no doubt that I enjoyed Miss Monochrome: The Animation 3. There was always something to look forward to in every episode. Be it a random promotion for a game or subtle fan service, it was all fun to watch. However, I disliked how this season didn’t show some characters in the previous seasons and incorporate them into the story. I was really hoping to see Akiko, the famous guitarist, to make an appearance, but she didn’t sadly. We got to see more of the story side in the second season, however in this, it’s very similar to the first. A lot of random references that incorporate into the story that just so happens to make a plot. To me, it felt repetitive, the randomness was cool and all, but like I said, I knew how each episode were set up.

Overall, this season seemed to be better than the second but not as much as the first. Maybe we’ll get to see a season 4? I don’t think that this is the end of Miss Monochrome’s journey to idol hood, but who knows what Miss Monochrome will do next?
Reviewer’s Rating: 7
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