Nov 26, 2009
Preliminary (10/158 chp)
Good Ending is a shounen with romance as the main thing, and a bit of tennis. It's difficult to compare it with another shounen romances, because is pretty unique.
It has a wonderful art, and a good pace.

Utsumi, the main character, although has problems with love, wants to change, and little by little he does so. He is not perverted (only a bit in his imagination), is kind, and doesnt give up easily.
There are two main girls: Yuki, a serious, calm and intelligent, she helps Utsumi to confess, and Shou, cheerful and hiperactive she is the captain of the tennis club, and the crush of Utsumi.

This isn't a harem, the girls don't start liking Utsumi because he did something good to them, and this is a point in favor of this series.
There is a bit of ecchi (specially in the covers of the chapters), but generally is related to the plot, it isn't a free ecchi.

The only drawback of this manga its the plot. It's not really a big issue, but more than Utsumi confenssing to Shou, and the reasons of the help of Yuki, the isn't another plot. But the manga it's starting, with the pace it has, something should happen.

As I said comparing this manga with the another shounen romance ongoings is difficult, but I'll try to highlight some points:

Ane Doki: Ane Doki has much more ecchi and in my opinion innecesary.
Kimi no Iru Machi: I like KNIM, but i think, Utsumi is a better main character than Haruto. He has problems, but he fights to be a better person, and when bad things happen, he take all seriously.

I give this series a 9 because the story can be even better...
Reviewer’s Rating: 9
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