Jan 15, 2016
Arcanon (All reviews)
Meeting new characters, seeing them grow, and having fun with them. Being there- being part of everyone's adventure at Wagnaria is an adventure itself. Everything has been memorable and precious.

I don't know how to explain this sensation in my heart, but I'm overflowing with joy. The finalie was so fulfilling and satisfying; it was perfect. The only way to end such a wonderful show.

This feeling that Working!! has given me will keep me warm for a long time to come.

"Thank you! Please come again."

*This is the review of Working!! as a series, and not just this episode in particular*

The story was light, but also has depth. It had the right mix of elements- making great use of a family restaurant setting to bring about its slice of life and comedy, and the skillful portrayal of characters and their growth bore tension and romance.