Jan 12, 2016
Ezekiel_01 (All reviews)
It’s now the year 2016, new challenges and obstacles awaits us in this following year and let me start the by introducing you guys the Movie Princess and what I think about it.

Plot (6/10)+ Character (4/10)-
The story is very simple but very slow paces in presenting its wonderful message. The concept of the story is good for it promotes freedom by self-discovery and believing in one self to achieve its goal and wishes without relying to any superficial solution which are magic that bent reality. Princess Arete is a good deconstruction of princess stories for it teaches us that dreams can be achieve by determination and prior knowledge than relying on fairy god mothers and epic level wizards to turn the tables. The show became anti-escapism for Arete resolve her troubles by herself which is impressive for me because most princess stories I ever read or watch are mostly saved by the prince or by their magical spell caster guardians. But the biggest weak point of the story is the characters in general; they are presented in a overly dry manner that it’s hard for me to take any care or sympathy for them. Characters lack actual depth in the story. The interaction is unappealing and not interesting. The characters are not exciting or dynamic. Arete should be dynamic given the role of a smart princess and the wizard Boax is not very intimidating given he’s presented to be the antagonist of the story. Sadly to say he is one the dries fearsome wizard I ever known even the wizard in the Smurf looks more interesting. Nice presentation of message but very shallow on character presentation.

Music (4/10)- Animation (5/10)-
In a magic fantasy setting, music and animation of the setting is very important in hooking the viewers to care. But for fairytale scenery Princess Arete loses for it doesn’t have any appealing atmosphere. The animation is just very gray and gloomy. As for the music it’s doesn’t have any good BGM and the other song are just plain forgettable.

Enjoyment (3/10) Overall (4.7) >>>> (5/10) Average
Even with the great concept and idea the anime holds I cannot denied towards the entire course of the movie I really get bored watching it. I watch fairytale movie for excitement and epic adventure that’s what the children audience wants to see in the first. I don’t recommend this movie to be watch for the children for this anime doesn’t have action or any exciting magic for the kids to enjoy. The reason why I not very positive about the movie because I have seen lots of great fairytale movies with more exciting premise and good morals. Studio Ghibli did a lot of deconstruction of fairytale in the past but they are still exciting for the kiddies to watch.

In Conclusion Princess Arete is not a bad show for it has good message that can be thought provoking and inspiring but it will take a lot of patience and tolerance for one to get the message fully which is not very rewarding if you take account the time you invested on it. There are other good deconstruction of fairytale out there worth the check like the movies of studio Ghibli made I highly recommend you check it out.