Jan 8, 2016
Senyuu. (Manga) add (All reviews)
Nedman (All reviews)
I love this serie so much! It was this that got me on this whole webtoon thingy
and now I´ve read so many that I just love!

Senyuu is about the hero Alba and the soldier Ross fighting monsters as said in the summary. A pretty simple story, however the longer in you get the more complex it becomes with plot twists and time travelling.

The artstyle fits the story in this comedic world. Keep in mind that this is a comedy, a comedy with a plot. A freaking good comedy x'D exactly my taste

I just love the charakters, there isn´t a single one I doesn´t love. Every single one is amazing and have a clear personality. a tsundere, a mashoist, a punchline guy, a sadist, a lolicon, a loli and much more and I really love them all.

Just go read this, I promise you´ll like it!