Jan 8, 2016
plisetskytrash (All reviews)
Karasu ni Diamond is pretty typical manga of Ootsuki Miu, with almost all her signature features. It consists of three couples spread separately over five chapters, in one volume. If you have read some other work from the same author and liked it, then I truly recommend this one too, because it's so darn cut, fairly enjoyable and really sweet boys-love manga. But if you like intense smutty H-scenes, just move along.

What make this manga special is the beautiful balance between the art style and the story line. The characters as well as the art are so sweet, gentle and delicate. It's just factinating how well are story and drawing combined together. The character designs are unique and well-drawn. All three stories have some mark of originality and some parts are quite emotional I must say.

On the other hand, it SHOULD have been longer, especially the 2nd story. I've read most of Ootsuki Miu work and loose endings aren't really her thing, so it was suprising and a little disappointing that she decided to end both stories just like that.

Anyway, if your looking for some short, adorable BL manga to pass some time, you may like this one very much. I think it's worth reading.