Jan 3, 2016
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So your older brother is a successful man, your parents have deceased, and your bro has an amazingly sexy wife who not only takes care of you, but also loves you like her own little brother. THere's only one thought that comes to our mind, how can I get my sister-in-law to fuck me like no tomorrow?!

Enter the life of Takashi. His older bro Satoshi is a successful businessman, and his wife Miwa, is a sexy bitch who Takashi gets hard over at every second of his life. He holds a grudge as he is always compared to and shown inferior to his older brother, and the fact that he stole the woman of Takashi's dreams.

Enter, Miya, Miwa's little sister, and a close friend of Takashi's. He and her always have a deal where the one who scores higher on exams gets to use the other as a slave for the next week, and what do you know?. My boy Takashi took home the trophy and made the sister of the woman of his dreams his dirty slave!

Enter the math teacher, she takes a liking to Takashi and starts teaching him on how to be a man and gives dating advice. She teaches him how to rock with style, gets him nice clothes, and also engages in a nice fuck fest filled affair with him to get his dick trained to be a sex god! What a teacher! Periodically as Takashi studies, he always gets Miya to send him a goofy picture, or a dirty picture, now thats friendship folks!

SPOILERS: At the end, Takashi steals back the love of his life, fucks Miwa, right in front of his brother (her husband). On top of that, he's so cunning, that he not only fucks Miwa, but also her little sister Miya. And on top of that, he fucks them both at the same time in front of Satoshi! And the two get a divorce. What a genius

BTW this hentai is dubbed and i feel this is the only way it should be watched, as all the feelings are expressed exponentially better in this way.

So what are you waiting for! Go out there, get fapping, start watching, and learn the ways of the god (the gourd) Takashi and how he fucks his sister in law like no tommorow!