Jan 1, 2016
calsifor (All reviews)
This is the shoujo to go for if you're sick and tired of silly heroines.
The story isn't all that interesting and new in the beginning, but it does take some little turns and it amps up along the way, I really can't say much for it because it hasn't been completely subbed yet by anybody.

When it comes to art, I like Geroge Asakura's art style, the characters are very doe-eyed and it's very endearing, re-reading it again made me realize that as the characters aged in the manga, they were drawn in a more mature way that was so slight it seemed almost realistic. You don't even really notice it as you read...

I love the romance part of this manga for one reason: It's not your usual shoujo manga "you're-handsome-and-I-love-you!" kind of plot. It's mature and unique. There are always some deep little phrases thrown around and it's just very enjoyable.

All in all, if I could only describe this manga with one word, I think it would be "mature". (not the sexy kind of mature ;_;ohgod) It almost seems like something belonging in the josei category but the characters are young. I really love this manga and I would reccommend it to anybody looking for a unique shoujo.