Dec 30, 2015
shast007 (All reviews)

in real life, your life cycle is, work~ rest~ a little entertainment in life~ work again, that little entertainment in life is like hanging out w/friends or playing some online games. Working days is not the same as college day where you can hang out with your friends every time school days is done, in working daily life, you only have limited off cause working is always priority, although this is my part of my review.

story is relaxing to watch, most of anime now is more on school setting that is boring to watch, well on this anime there survival game and friendship trust every episode, although boys romance is amusing me every time i watch this anime.
Explaining the survival game rules and playing tips is easy to catch.
There is a bit mystery on this anime, were you can think "who is saying the real even its a lie"

the art of main character is stand out on mob characters, meaning you can already see who is the main character if some random scene show on some episode.

character voice is amusing.

mikako komatsu - she have a title of trap queen, hotaru`s character is suit on him.
ryouhei kimura - her role on "haganai or Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai " is same on this anime, a delinquent clown.

-The background of character makes the story good, Where you can see a Hostman, eroge manga author, student council president, and some doctors and nurse playing on ` battlefield.
-Sometimes story become interesting when a mc have some rare skill on her body and not know of enemy, the impact is been released on critical moments like in naruto nine tail fox and cardfight vanguard psyqualia, well on this anime is i cant see very well why they put that part, makes anime loose interest on other audience.
-Every character have good flashback or background where you can easily understand why there is a conflict a problem has been made.
-The few sentence i wrote on upper part of my review is connected on this part.


After i finish all the episode, i can see the main character full nude or no more secret behind on them, mostly all there secret are reveal. Although its fun to re watch some scene like hotaru is talking on 3rd person, relation ship or fujimon x midori.

If you like this:

- a bit shounen-ai/ boys x boys relationship
- trust of comrade
- antagonist have a bright part ( where you can like the dark side even they are side characters only ) or i can say they attractive too.
- sexy male cast ( include the jap. voice actor )
- A trap character

well if you like all of those then you can enjoy watching this anime.