Dec 29, 2015
Meira_Eve (All reviews)
When the first time i saw this Pv i didn't know it was the new love live! Cast.. i still remember my first impression is: "the song is good, they're looks like a middle schooler but more importantly they are moe??" And so i'm not really interested in it.. then a few weeks later i found "Love Live! Sunshine" when searching about Love Live! when i click on it it was like "WHAAAAAAT????!!" i really suprised to the bone knowing they are the one replacing u's at the Love Live! francise, but what suprised me more is "this looks like middle schooler moe is actually a high school student just like u's? But i don't really like moe.." that's the reason i gave 3 for art. Then i search for the full pv then i read the character introduction.. ok it's nine people again? Ok i'm cool with it, maybe 9 is Love Live! Francise lucky number.. wait, one of the member is a student coucil and judging from the pv it looks like she's the coreographer too.. and wait what? one of them is half-japanese too? And she have a blond hair too? And then one of them is athletic too? Well... i guess the Love Live! Producer didn't have any inspiration left...