Dec 29, 2015
Unagi-san (All reviews)
This title made my autumn anime season colorful. When ongoing was about to end, I realized that I waited the episodes from this anime more than from any other title. So what is Hidan no Aria AA about? Let`s make a short review.

This is alternative version of the original story. Former main character Toyama Kinji was succesfully replaced by a cute girl Akari Mamiya. This is a good example for harem anime creators: cut the male characters from the plot, add kawaii little girls and yuri atmosphere — and it`ll be much better! It was such a brave decision and I definately approved it.

Akari wants to become Aria`s amica (some kind of partner and trainee at the same time). Aria is not easy to talk in, so she makes Akari to clear some goals to become her amica. Clearing it and dealing with some "bad" girls, Akari goes to her dream.
Plot is pretty simple, but I think it is not important here.

Average. In the first season it was better (there was J.C. Staff after all).

Seiyuu did they work well. Especially I liked Ayano Sakura, who voiced Akari. Kugimiya as Aria was good too.
Music is good, but nothing special.


They are pretty cute. Anime with only girls in the main characters are the best, everyone should take it as given. Akari is so emotional lively cute girl, and she has her own yuri harem with yuri-yandere and oujo-sama. Raika is nice character too, as well as crowding around her lolis and Kirin Shima, cute ojou-sama~rashii loli.
Riko is nice as always. Kyochikuto and her rapefacing little sister are enjoying too.

Despite everything, I liked this anime so much. It was so enjoying and pleasant to see, so relaxing and warm.

To sum up
I definately recommend this title for moe and shoujo ai fanciers. It was the best title of autumn 2015 for me.


Enjoy moe and yuri. Be the real person.