Dec 29, 2015
Nunnally03 (All reviews)
I read the manga version few years ago but dropped it eventually because of how annoying the characters were - especially Erika.
I was actually surprised that it was adapted into anime. One day, I saw a video on youtube for "top best shoujo anime of all time" and this anime was included, so I decided to give it a try, which I regretted A LOT.
Before you watch this anime, please search and read the difference between S&M relationship and an abusive relationship - because there is a big difference.

Story: 1/10
What does this anime even want us to learn?
That it's okay to lie and let yourself be treated like an animal for the sake of getting along with your friends, because they will eventually like you?
That it's okay to lie and let the man you love, humiliate you and treat you like an animal because he will eventually fall for you?
That it's okay to endure everything because of love?
No wonder there are so many women who choose to stay in an abusive relationship with the reasons: " I love him, he will change somehow" - or is this really what this anime wanted us to learn? - that it's okay to be treated like an animal and endure it all because they will eventually change and fall for you.

Art: 5/10
The art okay is just okay. There were times when the anime looks dull but most of the time it's just okay.

Sound: 5/10
Not that really catchy for me.

Character: 1/10
Erika: The main character of this series - she is very very annoying, especially at the start of the series. There were lots of times when I really want to slap her just to make her back to her senses. I didn't see anything good about her character - first, she lied to her friends about having a boyfriend, took a picture of someone she doesn't even know and used it as a proof and lied about it to her friends just so, she have something to "show off". Then out of desperation to keep her lies: she agreed to become his "pet" - all because she was desperate to get along with her friends who obviously are no good for her. Then fell for the man who treated her like an animal and endured all of his abuses, simply because "she loves him"

Sata: At first, I thought he looked liked Gintoki (lol). He is your usual "Handsome, popular but rude male lead who have a sad past" - the author wanted to give him a sad past to justified his actions, but for me, that reason wasn't really bad enough for him to end up like that- for me, he is nothing but a weak and emo spoiled brat.

Overall: 1/10
Even though I am anemic, watching this anime made me feel like I am going to have a high blood pressure. The story is no good and the characters are pathetic and annoying. Some says that, this is like an S&M relationship, which I don't really agree with.