Dec 29, 2015
twilightbrigade (All reviews)
this show is really,really great and totally awesome in my opinion XOX i dont know how the hell everyone rate the anime really low.before i start the review i have to say that i'm not really cut out for some long review and i'll keep it as short as i can.sorry write a long review is really a pain in the ass.

what i will focused on is the story,
this story is about Jirou who work in superhuman bureau(divison which work on protecting superhuman) and how he faced every case and solved it.but later he rebel against the superhuman bureau,the reason about his rebel still unclear though we already got a clue about it.

So, the story doesn't use a typical plot as any dozens of anime out there had used but instead use flashback a lot as their plot, which is rarely used by any anime in the recent years,that what make this show is great despite the main story of this anime is actually simple.but the cons is the flashback thingy this show have,and plus fast paced story,will make many viewer won't understand what is going on.
but if you want to challenge your self for a new perspective,this show is a must watch.

oh and about the Art,
the art is really cartoonish.

I reccomended u this anime (y)