Dec 28, 2015
jucheck (All reviews)

1/10 The story is unique - Usually we get girl meet guy vise versa ect... but in this one it's guy meet's lesbian. aaaaandddd.... He ends up getting blackmailed in the end.

that's the most lame and most shallow reason to base a story getting black mailed!

There are ways he could have prevented it. like for example:
1- he leaves
2- he destroys the phone face school sanction rather than face a life time of humiliation.
3- counter blackmail

It would had been interesting if the guy blackmailed the girl but instead he was a beta bytch like most male MC and accepted that he has been blackmailed yeesh... enough with the pathetic male MC

1/10 The art? nothing special.

1/10 The characters generic and annoying
MC Guy is definitely a beta bytch male
mc Girl is a nympho lesbian and annoying

1/10 I didn't enjoy it i just but it was a short one shot so rather finish it than drop it besides it's only one chapter.

Overall 1/10 - I don't recommend this if your are curious go ahead and if you happen to liked good for you coz honestly who am I to question or force what to like or hate.