Dec 27, 2015
Stark700 (All reviews)
Looking for a show about heroes fighting bad guys to save the world? Or maybe something really flamboyant with all type of gags? Perhaps interested in a series with all kinds of supernatural beings thrown into a big chunk of story all packaged ready to open? Concrete Revolutio might be your answer. At its core, the series is a wild ride with everything it tries. And given what it delivered, this show is quite a bit of fun.

A few things to know. Concrete Revolutio is an original series and not based on any work. The show is produced by Bones and directed by Seiji Mizushima, who is known for directing Full Metal Alchemist. Furthermore, we got Shou Aikawa who’ve worked on other Bones’ shows like Rahxephon. That alone should spark some interest. For an original show, the series is inspired by some unoriginal ideas like superheroes. It’s just like the premise says: a series where supernatural beings becomes part of human society and where superheroes has to deal with them.

The core part of the characters are part of a group known as the Superhuman Bureau, an organization formed by heroes who wants to save the world. Think of it like the Justice League and you’ll get the picture. But rather than Superman, we got a character named Jiro as the main protagonist. Alongside him there’s also others like magical girl Hino, expert tracker Emi Kino, a kid named Fuurouta who can transform into a wild beast, among others. The idea is that these group of heroes has gathered together to save the world without government recognition. Their purpose seems to be the generic moral of “doing the right thing”. The series also invests a lot of time in the group dealing with some interpersonal issues. As a member of the group, Jiro makes his intentions pretty well known. With his trademark violet hair and an indifferent personality, he’s a man to keep an eye on. The rest of the cast is less noticeable although their diverse range of personalities can be entertaining to watch. Unfortunately, there’s not really a whole lot of characterization focused on them individually. Rather, it approaches the group with more of what they do rather than the reasons of them doing what they want.

In terms of episode structure, prepare for a lot of confusion in the first few episodes. Any viewer watching this may have to re-watch a few of the scenes to get a better understanding. Almost every episode has a rather absurd start with a frenzy fashion. You’ll probably get used to it after a while but don’t get caught off guard if it feel like the show dropped you in the middle of the story. Taking a closer glance though, the series focuses on a variety of ideas that extends from historical context such as World Wars to immorality. The timeline of the story is also hard to piece together at first but later does get clearer as each progressing episode. What’s most interesting about the show is how much fun it seems to have with itself. Most superheroes shows these days are mostly about the good guys vs. bad guys and saving the world. Concrete Revolutio goes a little bit beyond that and shows how heroes approaches their problems. Not every episode is structured like this though and some can give the repetitive with the ‘villain of the week’ feeling. But in retrospect, it still retains a sense of fun as it blends between fictional storytelling and entertainment.

Superhuman Bureau also battles a variety of strange beings throughout the series. From oversized Transformers to King Kong like behemoths, it’s actually quite colorful. There’s also secret organizations with their own agenda while we sometimes see the Bureau’s group battle their own personal demons. The show doesn’t offer a central antagonist (The ‘Big Bad’) so it’s more about fighting the good fight and making a difference. Unfortunately, some of these antagonists lacks a decent personality and can feel pretty stereotypical. The battles and resolutions are also fairly predictable so you may get bored from time to time. I can also fairly safe to say that Jiro is a character that is hard to get attached to. I find it difficult to relate to him or understand his character especially later on with his identity issue. Not that it’s holding the show back but Jiro may be a hit or miss character for most fans. Just as the show it is, Concrete Revolutio may not be suitable for everyone.

The art can easily be described as being colorful. It’s saturated all over the setting with its buildings, characters, and supernatural beings. The action itself is also quite stylistic with a gag approach while also translating into some fast paced battle choreography. It’s not hard to keep up but the momentum of the action can be quite swift if you don’t pay close attention. There’s also various transformations that while gimmicky can be amusing to watch because of the physical changes of the characters. Despite this, most of the main characters looks normal in their base form. On the other hand, we got monsters with their otherworldly designs and some that follows a suit of evolution with their revamped body structures. Fan service also exists although not really explicit at all except a few skin here and there. By all terms, it’s actually quite unique for a show about superheroes.

It’s one of my favorite OP songs for this Fall season. From upbeat tones to its catchy lyrics, the theme song takes a dive into colorful choreography. There’s also showcases of the main characters in noticeable moments although most of it is overshadowed by the colors. The OST is less noticeable although makes the series credible during action scenes. However, I have to give some credit for the character expressions to bring out a good amount of comedy for the series. This is coordinated in conjunction with the character voice tones. And because of that, it makes the show quite fun to watch as it adds both thrilling excitement and laughs.

It’s not a masterpiece but Concrete Revolutio is definitely a show to look out for. You don’t have to enjoy superheroes themed series to like this. Nor do you have to examine it like some detective story. With everything it has to offer, the show is quite a bit of fun. From superhero fighting to morality context, it’s a series that knows what to do with its seemingly oversaturated amount of ideas. At least take a look at it and see what these heroes do for a living.