Dec 27, 2015
usernome (All reviews)
I really liked this manga. The artwork is pretty good, characters are generally well-developed, Sakura is a great main character and the story is good, even though after the 6th volume it kind of plays for time but it's still pretty enjoyable to read.

The development of the romantic subplot between Sakura and Syaoran is a bit far-fetched, I don't like them as a couple, but there's something that bothers me much more than their relationship: there are a lot of pedophile relationships, which is really, really disgusting and creepy. I counted 4 established pedo-couples, but I might be forgeting some. All of those relationships are, sadly, romanticized and shown as a "really sweet thing" and all this wrong stuff you would expect of shoujo stories. The worst of them is the relationship between one of Sakura's classmates (they're like 10 years old in the manga) and a teacher! So, if you want to read this, beware. I don't know if this might be triggering - there's no "action" between any couple at all (not even kisses are shown in the story) but you get the idea the relationships are pretty solid. I also don't have any clue of how those relationships are shown in the anime since I didn't watched it.

There are also a lot of pan/bisexual and homosexual characters, they're all pretty good characters, which I find awesome. I guess this is the serie with most LGBTQ characters I've ever read/watched (but there's no T and the no-gender/queer characters are not human).

Anyway, generally speaking, this serie is pretty good, but there's idealized pedophilia as I mentioned earlier.