Dec 26, 2015
resinweber (All reviews)
"I am Mora, I will never explain anything and will go robot and back at random moments. And lose all the time."
"I am psycho killer, I will kill room full of people, but then imprison one guy in a room with open ventilation shaft. And then go into robot to kill this guy with giant knife."
"I am military guy. I want to fight robot. I will hire psycho killer and pathetic hacker and kidnap a girl. And jump into robot asap."
"I am Sougo. I do not care who Felia is. I never question Mora. I never care why my hand lights up when he becomes robot. I will run and cry 'Felia, Felia', even if they have automatic gun shooting at me."
"I am Felia. I will cry 'Sougo, Sougo' and emit purple light."
"I am Typhoon. I will rain a bit. Then snow a bit. Thus prevent ultra high tech aircraft from landing. Then disappear."
"I am mysterious ruling organization of astrologers. I will appear at random moments to make you feel this show have a plot."

Comet Lucifer is one of those shows that wasted great potential by having terrible writing. My first impressions on the show were very exciting; I felt like with the crossover between childish fantasy and sci-fi, there might be plot elements that, you know, actually immerse you into the show. However, there are so many holes in the writing that I hardly want to call it a "plot". I find myself constantly being pulled out of the story. The following examples contain spoilers, but really they're not important spoilers because the plot was already undercooked.

So, we already know that this show is basically about a guy named Sougo who likes to collect crystals, and one day when down in the mines, after falling to near-certain death, finds this child, Felia, and a robot named Mora along with a crystal which is under-explained like almost everything in this series. Actually, Mora is a sort of rock-like thing that talks and transforms into a robot. It was kind of cool having a mysterious aspect about him and I could have accepted it if later on, the writers wrote in some important themes regarding said robot. They only kinda did. Anyways, Felia is like, the embodiment of the Earth, and theyre now on an adventure to find the Altar of the Abyss.
Felia, at this stage, is just a child. She's cute, but absolutely useless. Her only vocabulary is "Sougo" and she floats and emits purple light. It would seem like she has a connection to Sougo's crystal, which has a connection to Mora but I can't really say. In their "adventure", so much stupid shit happens that it's as if the writers were just Creative Writing students from your local primary school.

For example, these bad guys who are after Felia, offering no explanation as to why they want her instead of the crystal, which apparently can replace the entire world's energy source. No mention of getting the crystal comes from them, by the way, they just want Felia. Of these bad guys, we have a dude who is crazily infatuated with Felia, a young psycho with decent combat skills, and a veteran soldier-type guy, and thats really all you get to know about them. The veteran-type gets a few flashbacks to his previous life and you learn things about him that don't ever end up really tying to the story. Anyways, crazy infatuated bad guy hacks into the power grid and sends robots after Sougo and Felia. He starts shooting at Felia and Sougo whirls through bullets, without Mora, to save her, as he does NUMEROUS TIMES LATER. In another episode, young psycho captures Sougo, and though he had no problem killing many people before, he just locks Sougo in a room with an open ventilation shaft which Sougo doesn't find or crawl out of until he's been in there for a very long time. He gets the shit beat out of him and immediately after just opens up the ventilation shaft, and somehow finds Mora in there. I guess he tracked the crystal, which is still in Sougo's pocket. He crawls through, gets out, and again starts running through bullet showers screaming "FELIA! FELIA!" and somehow makes it... Later on, Felia uses some magic to save herself and Sougo from falling to their deaths, and she matures. She grew about a foot and expanded her vocabulary beyond "SOUGO!"

If you haven't even started this series (please don't), you might have no idea how quickly Felia's use of the word "Sougo" gets old. I counted 39 times before I decided to stop, in one episode alone. However, because she matured, she became more bearable, and she actually is pretty cute. From that point, I thought they could be foreshadowing a sad ending, so I continued watching. Later on, I would experience dumb shit like.... like when they stopped by a town where a wedding was going on, somehow becoming involved as flowerboy/flowergirl (Sougo/Felia, making Kaon jealous... Oh did I mention that this girl Kaon has been tagging with them too?). Anyways, in the end, theyre raided by the bad guys, and after they have to fight Mora and another robot belonging to an insignificant character, the villagers start throwing pebbles at them and theyre all like "FALL BACK! RETREAT!" That was jaw-droppingly stupid, but I'm dead serious. Then more stupid shit like when one guy, Do Mon, is picking out food to eat and he's like "Oh, this looks like a [so and so] fruit! It might not be poisonous if i cook it," then proceeds to take a head-sized piece of it and chop it and serve it. Then there's also the time when Felia, Sougo, and Mora break off from the group to go alone to the Altar of the Abyss, knowing there will be soldiers crawling around everywhere, leaving the group including Roman and his battle-grade mecha behind. Another fucking Mecha would probably be very useful, yknow? At this point in the series, which is like 8 episodes in, Sougo still doesn't know how to use Mora.

As far as the characters go, I went through most of this review without mentioning Kaon, Roman, his brother I don't care to know the name of who has been around this whole time, and Do Mon. Kaon is a "girl next door" type to Sougo, and has obvious feelings for him, but is so generic about it. She pretends, embarrassingly, not to like him, then wonders why Sougo is getting so involved with Felia. She has an arranged marriage with Roman, a flashy dude and the only character who is a little interesting. Do Mon is Sougo's father figure, who has to put up with Felia when Sougo brings her in, and she does that god awful dancing vegetables thing.

By the way, some of you might have heard of the dancing vegetables. Yes, the show spent a few full minutes on having Felia make vegetables float around and dance in the air.

So, please, don't be like me watching the whole series. What is there to gain from it? +1 on your list?