Dec 26, 2015
Childly (All reviews)
To all the people who says this show is just too mysterious with it's plot and you can't understand it, therefore giving it a bad score, ohmygoodness, if you just paid a LITTLE more attention like maybe reading the story and actually TRY to understand it, then you'll get it.

Now first i'll say the cons, this show woulve got a 10 from me if some scenes were better, here's some parts: 1: If Nagare died first from losing power from the slates, how does the girl bring Fushimi back up the surface, she woulve lost the power way before that. 2: How the heck did Adolf find his original body at the end. 3: How did Yukari not dodge Kuro's slash, it seemed like it was coming at turtle speed. 4: What did Zenjo do for the entire episode? he was just standing there, for two episodes.

Now let's move on to the pros. 1: DID you see the artstyle during the middle of 11? Suoh's jacket looks soo fresh it's like you never seen a good jacket in your entire life. 2: The battle scenes, they made the fight between Kuro and Yukari's sword actually have different sounds each time it clashes, such small details means something. 3: The story wasn't so bad, in the end, things did end up good, everyone was safe,(except you know, Nagare and Tenkei) and it didn't end badly. 4: Even though I listed less Pros then Cons, the Cons are small things.

For any of you who still bitch about "what and where did the Sword of Damocles come from, I'll tell you what it means, It came from a passge from Cicero. A tyrant that seemed welathy and powerful to the public had a adsentatores (court flatterers) called Damocles compliment him one day about his power and wealth, so the tyrant said would you like to try out my life? Damocles accepted, and as he was enjoying his life, he notices a sharp sword dangled on the ceiling above his head by a horse hair, the tyrant explained that this was life as ruler was like. NOW K TOOK THIS, and it means that each of the kings, they have their responsiblities as kings, their Sword of Damocles falls means their death, when Suoh died, so will his Sword of Damocles and the burden it had, causing explosions. That's also why killing a king adds huge burden to your Sword of Damocles and when your burden exceeds ur limits, if will fall ending your life too. THAT'S WHY KINGS ARE JUST ONE PERSON, if everyone is kings, the burdens of everyone's Sword of Damocles can be chaotic. And this is where the Sword of Damocles came from.

This show was fantastic, the animation and good soundtracts (espacially you Suoh Mikoto's theme song *wink wink*), the character development isn't that bad either, the main characters all got a time and some screentime to shine. heck even the gold clansman got a scene! There's humor added time to time. And just coolness, added to almost all the characters, so calm for some, and others (talking about you Yata) shows some kind of emotion through someway or other.

Overall, I give K a 9/10 Clouve gaved a 10 if wasn't for those Cons up there. (season 3's not coming, don't wish for it, story's over lol if you want more, imagine it, and add Suoh.)