Nov 19, 2009
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Scrypt (All reviews)
After 16 chapters, I have to admit this would have to be the first manga I've had to put on my sh*t/dropped list

I've read a fair bit of manga in my life and whether it be for the plot of the story, or the artwork, I normally tend to keep reading to the very end regardless of genre but I just could not sit through and read this one.

It started out with the right elements to being a good read with the whole 'dorky guy dates yandere girl' setting....but after 5 chapters into it the humor become repetitive and after chapter 10 you realize there may never ever be a plot

The artwork is not manga worthy and feels like each story was rushed just to meet some deadline. If anything, the chapters remind me of the funny comics strips you read in newspapers when I was a kid.

I guess I'm not doing this manga any justice as I've only read 16 chapters(and I hear there's about 80 chapters and still going) but you be the judge....