Dec 24, 2015
G_Spark233 (All reviews)
This OVA is the absolute best kind of fan service. The kind that makes you smile, laugh and feel all fuzzy inside. This is the kind of fan service that we need to see more of in anime.

The story is simply there for the sake of fan service but I'm alright with that. It was extremely satisfying seeing the generation of miracles back together after all of the tension they all had in the original series.

The characters are still amazing and seeing how the result of their transformation all of their characters went through in the original series made me appreciate the series as a whole even more.

All of the characters interaction in this episode was the true star in this OVA. Seeing all of the old Teiko members without the tension shown in the original series was so satisfying to see and is something that I really cannot get enough of.

The animation is decent. It wasn't mind blowing and it didn't need to be. The art and character designs are as still as good as ever. If you have seen the original series you know what to expect.

I don't think I have ever enjoyed an OVA before and I don't think I'll find one this enjoyable in a long time. This is an absolute must for anyone who enjoyed the original series.