Dec 23, 2015
tsudecimo (All reviews)
Welcome to the NHK was an interesting experience for me, I didn't know what to expect from the show while diving into it, so it's not like I set my expectation high but I was still really disappointed by it, for a number of reasons that I will explain in this review.

The Story. It's about a NEET & Hiki named Satou and his crazy depressing life with several other characters. It was more or less a social commentary about a serious issue in modern society with a black comedy tone. The story was incoherent, at times it was about Satou and his problems and how he wants to deal with them and help himself but it shifts that focus through out the story, making it feel like Satou's problems are just delayed. It focuses on the wrong characters and dedicate arcs for them which don't contribute a lot to the overall plot progression or to Satou's character. One of the arcs is really just terrible and it just contradicts any kind of logic the show has. I'm talking about the arc that focused on Megumi and her brother, that was simply just stupid. It showed how bad her situation with her brother is in and how Hikikomoris affect their family life and not just their own, it also introduced online gaming addiction and how it can worsen the life of a NEET but all of that doesn't matter if he, the brother just miraculously recovers from his severe social anxiety thanks to hunger, HUNGER?! that was so unrealistic in so many levels. We have Satou who by far have it better than Megumi's brother but still can't get his life together. I felt like that betrayed the message of the show and how hard it is to recover from being a NEET and a Hikikomori.

They also censored/removed Satou's usage of drugs which explains why he had those hallucinations. He didn't have them because he was so mentally unstable or obsessed with conspiracies like the anime portrayed. It was him just using some drugs, no one gets that mentally unstable from just being a NEET and a Hikikmori. The story ended on an open ending which I didn't like at all, having a conclusive ending would have been much better. It would have showed that going through all this, meant something.

The Characters. They are flawed human beings and this is what story was trying to show, that made them feel real but in certain situations they felt like the complete opposite of real. Example of this would be Satou and his relationship with Misaki and his Senpai, especially Senpai. Satou is supposed to be a pathetic, spineless and an unstable human being but I still find the way he acted in the Suicide Island arc to be highly unrealistic and stupid. He didn't want to die but still went along with it and tried to convince himself that it was okay if he died and he would at least die with his precious Senpai. The anime left a detail that could have helped explain his relationship with Senpai and that was the fact that he lost his virginity to her, I feel like that would have made the fact that he just followed her around and didn't get mad at her for anything, much more believable.

The relationships of the characters didn't get properly developed, Misaki who is supposed to be a main character get sidetracked to focus on other stuff, her relationship with Satou felt really under-developed and iffy. I would have loved to seem them further exploring the psychologically coherent and smart approach of two psychically wounded people healing each other through social interaction and an affectionate relationship. However, they completely dropped the idea somewhere in the middle of the story. Instead we got to see other crazy people and their problems while Misaki turned slowly into a side character. Satou who was head over heels suddenly treated her indifferent, the way he treated her through the story was inconsistent. At the end they didn't go anywhere.

The art & animation: The art was decent, the animation however was for the most part bad and inconsistent due to low budget probably.

Enjoyment. Did I enjoy this show?! it's hard to tell, on one hand I did like the comedy on the other hand I didn't like the execution of the story and characters. And I can't really relate to the main character like some people do since I'm not a NEET or a Hikikmmori.

Overall I would recommend to watch this if you feel like watching something that showcase a real issue on modern society and how scary it is but I really wouldn't recommend watching this if you are looking for a psychological anime with great characters or a well developed bitter-sweet love story