Dec 23, 2015
samui26 (All reviews)
Comet Lucifer's first episode pays homage to some lost animes in the nineties. The premise for this show is an old trope but the execution that time felt sincere. Also, the first major scene involved well-choreographed fights and beautifully integrated CGIs. While not perfect, it managed to capture the pure fun (and dumbness) of these type of shows and ended with its audience wanting for more.

Then it went downhill from there.

Story, what story?: 3/10

To be fair with Comet Lucifer, it presented a very simple premise in the first episode. There is this teenage guy who wants to save his girl from the evil forces that be and that girl supposedly contains some magical powers that could save the world.

The first few episodes might be little jarring because of the mood whiplash (just can a lighthearted tone be a fight scene literally a second later) but is is never bad. Felia might be a bit mentally challenged but their adventure (as well as the totally random fight scenes later) are engaging albeit a bit boring.

Of course, the story will not be complete without your caricature antagonists who appeared out of nowhere just to torment their peaceful days and a power being the power who manages just everything in this show.

Sounds like your endearing 90s anime, isn't it?

WRONG, or maybe not if you consider the negatives these shows used to have.

For the increase in the episode count, the plot was increasingly muddled with unnecessary flashbacks until it tried to mimic the epic failure that was called Guilty Crown. Who would have thought that Sogo would also be involved in the middle of that convoluted plot despite being a mere crystal idiot? Not to mention his tendency to be so stubborn to the extent of being irritating. Oh, his mother was also a researcher who knows Do Mon.. yada.. yada.. and Do Mon is also an ex-officer who knows this goon yada.. yada.. ZZZZ...

Comet Lucifer also used too much anime physics for the suspense of disbelief of the audience. There are also times where Sogo is in the middle of the war and should've been blasted off by the shock from explosion or be hit by a stray bullet but his main character status protected him from warn. The show did not even bother to explain how on Earth that caterpillar became a mecha and how Sogo was able to operate it with ease. And gasp! That caterpillar is a female with a hideous character design just because the show wants to. Yay.

However, those missteps were not enough. Guilty Crown took 22 episodes to be that renown (or notorious) and Comet Lucifer aspired to be like that in a span of 12 episodes. The end result? It was not even close. It is too tame to be called trashy entertainment a.k.a. Guilty Crown and it is just terrible. The show took itself too seriously to be labelled as guilty pleasure but is offending (and sometimes boring) enough to be classified as one of the worst this year.

Comet Lucifer tried to salvage itself in the finale only to show more stupidity when it revealed its main plot. Really? A mecha lost its master so it should find a new one out of envy in any way possible. What is this? A girl stealing some doll from another girl? That was supposed to be a Eureka moment in this show but I was busy laughing with the stupidity that show has just given.

Character: 3/10

The moment Felia woke up sent a distress signal in Comet Lucifer. If you are expecting some extraterrestrial being who is naturally wary after all the mouse and cat chase she is in , then you are wrong. What we get is a girl who acts like a five year old who gave a montage of dancing vegetables in Sogo's garden. Yes. She plays the princess in damsel in this show. Ugh.

Sogo, on the other hand, may have earned the most stupid male character lead this year after Comet Lucifer. He decided to save Felia 'just because' and suddenly fell in love with Felia the moment she transformed into a voluptuous woman. No matter how sexist and stubborn Shiro of Fate/Stay Night is, at least he has a reason doing things in the show. Sogo would just do whatever he wants (and mind you, in an irritating manner) and it cost him a lot in a supposedly dramatic episode for his development. Only to look totally what he is exactly before in the next one.

Other characters were tropes not utilized properly. Do Mon exists for the purpose of flashbacks and feels which fizzled. Kaon is the doomed childhood friend that was not given enough time to flesh her character and Roman's group is in this series for God knows why. The reasons for their actions were never explained and they have an emotional quotient of a rock.

If you are going to show multitudes of characters, then develop at least one of them. Darn it. It seems like they are mere talking card boards than actual characters. Their world could be gone in an instant and the audience will not care about them.

Overall: 3/10

Just avoid this show. It is not worth your time. This is just bad not even on a guilty pleasure level.