Dec 23, 2015
Agil-san (All reviews)
Dance with Devils caught me by surprise. I typically prefer stories with characters being the main focus of the show, how they develop and how they deal with the problems presented to them. Although, I've always had a soft spot for reverse harems ever since I watched Amnesia. As I picked up this show, I expected it to be just like any other reverse harem where 4 or 5 men fall in love with the same girl who so happen to all know each other. Dance with Devils isn't as simple as that. There is a reason why everyone is 'after her' and there is a plot that is more important than the reverse harem itself. EXPLANATIONS.

Character: 6

Our heroine Ritsuka is just an average girl who gets caught up in this 'war' between Devils and Vampires. Both claim that she knows where the forbidden grimoire is, but she claims to know nothing about this. She has a tendency to be more curious than she needs to be, often getting herself in trouble. It does help advance the plot as we learn more about the characters.

One of the male leads is Ritsuka's brother Lindo, he is your typical big brother type who is willing to do anything to protect his sister. He even went as far as becoming an exorcist to protect her.

The other 4 male leads are part of the student council and make up the reverse harem by attempting to capture ritsuka, woo her, and give her (and us) information we need.

Plot 8:

The plot is rather simple, there are Devils and there are Vampires, as well as the Exorcist agency that tries to monitor both. The Devils and Vampires are after our Heroine who they claim knows where the location of the forbidden grimoire, a book to control the world, is. At first we don't understand why she is being chased after by these people, but like any decent show it fills us in on the information bit by bit. The reverse harem tendencies are thrown in occasionally but they all help advance the plot somehow.

Art 8:
Sound 8:

Enjoyment 9:

I really liked watching the show, it wasn't as painful to watch as some shows this season *cough* garo *cough*. It keeps the reverse harem appeal that I personally like, but also gives a good plot and story that progresses and FINISHES at the end of the last episode.

Overall 8:

Great show, if you ever feel like you should watch a reverse harem anime, one that you will not regret when you finish. This is the anime for you, keeping reverse harem elements but not completely ruining the show for you by forcing those elements 24/7. I think everybody should give the show a shot, but do not watch the show if you think you will dislike it from the beginning. That is almost guaranteed to make you dislike a show.