Dec 23, 2015
-Heika (All reviews)
I really love this anime, since I'm someone who likes musicals, reverse harems, and... hot anime guys.

Story: 9
An ordinary girl's life changed when she found out that this mysterious "grimoire" resided in her. Her mom was kidnapped by a vampire. These demons offer help to find her mom, but basically harasses her for 7 episodes. But, all in all, it's pretty decent.

Art & Character: 10
Beautiful. The characters are basically a work of art. Even now, I still find it difficult to choose JUST one guy. The character designs suit the personalities of the characters very well. They are all unique and very distinct. The character development is nothing short of splendid-- it made me change opinions of one character (and it made me squeal in my seat, so yeah-- it moved me that it made me react strongly).

Sound: 10
As a person who adores musicals, this rare anime would be put in my collection. The songs are pretty catchy, and the transitions from the dialogue to the singing were not awkward. Every song and OP/ED was perfect. The Japanese voice actors did an amazing job. Their voices were breathtaking.

Enjoyment & Overall: 10
To be honest the only reason I watched this anime was because of Hirakawa Daisuke (Shiki's voice actor). I didn't expect much from it; I thought it was going to be similar to Diabolik Lovers. It didn't disappoint me.