Dec 23, 2015
Wasshio (All reviews)
Comedy is a term of subjectivity around the anime community, whatever you find it funny, for someone else could be found atrocious or boring, the same thing would go around for the vice versa tone. Also the comedy genre would be considered as something not to be taken seriously unless it really tries to do that (without consistency to know where to put the seriousness) to the point that it seems like it’s making itself look like an train wreck (I am making this point just in case). In the idea, Shomin Sample may be a nice treat for a comedy fanatic, especially for those that are fans of the ecchi harem genre, but without tourneys or anything that goes like Rakudai or Asterisk, so don't worry.

Keep in mind this review will solely be based on my perspective and idea of the anime, so anyone that feels like there’s some sort of disagreement you can communicate with me and we can talk if you have any problem with the opinion. Everyone has a different opinion so understanding is the key point.

Without further, let’s go to the Shomin Sample Review.


The show has a concept where, these girls are in a high class academy, where they are more like damsels and polite civilians, however due to such academy the girls became closed from the outside world, where the “commoners” (aka the outsiders), and in recent times, more graduates are failing to get into the modern society, so they decided to go upon and kidnap our main protagonist Kimito, a male student commoner, in order for him to show the young female girls about the modern world to become part of the place they all live upon.

To start things off, the concept is rather original and refreshing, unlike your other shows around, the show has an idea where its concept is mainly focused on the group of our main protagonist or also known as the “harem” to learn about the modern world, and it does it pretty well to be honest.

As well with the show adding this idea of the main protagonist having to say that he’s gay, and having muscle fetishes. I really think this type of idea has not been done before in an anime (unless I am wrong and someone shoots me at the head).

Each Episode cooperates with the themes of the show by showing how the main protagonist helping these girls and at the same time showing them the stuff outside of the spectrum of the school. By adding these ideas the girls gets a solution and it’s quite something to say the least. It just looks nice and it just feels different than your average school show.

This idea also helps with the comedy, as it works well with the show when they add these ideas of the modern world’s usual life and the technology they use, also the amount of other things I can mention.

The comedy can be considered as solid and on point with its themes and its setting, in fact; I will say this, the comedy is also ridiculous and at the same time laughable in a way for my eyes. But of course, the comedy part is subjective.

The pacing for the show is rather slow though to say the least, however it does help with the anime because the slow pacing helps the comedy and the themes execute them nicely without seeming to be dragged out for my eyes, it’s a nice way to do the show for my eyes.

For the dialogue, well, I wouldn’t say MUCH about the dialogue considering this is considered as a show that shouldn’t be complex at all, so at the very least I will say the dialogue works with the setting they’re in for the most part.

As for the fanservice part I will say that the show does have fanservice, but for the most part it’s concentrated on the thighs. If you are a thighs lover or rider, you will actually love this one since each or so episode does show thighs.

I will say the show does a nice job in terms of the modern idea themes, ridiculous comedy (this is subjective), nice and original concept and a nice executed idea.


This is one of the few departments where I really don't have to explain much (which is just usually absurd unless when it comes to bland characters).

The characters in this type of setting for the outside of the male cast, each said character has their own trait and personality (as in the main female cast of characters) and each said one of the cast of characters gets involved into ridiculous and also laughable situations.

Each said female character has their different ways to become rather cute and likeable, and many would go and have a different taste on personalities so here you would have some for a treat.

For the main male protagonist I will say that he's one of those rare and unusual main protagonists though, it's really hard to explain which why he stands out on his own (terms of general main protagonist) but somehow his gags, and his moments through the anime makes him somewhat likeable and tolerable enough for me. Though this is coming from a rather personal view.

I guess to say the characters are one fun of a ride to say the least because along with the story they help at least with the plot and its comedy moments, which all of them participating is like a nail in the cake.


This is probably one of the weak components of the anime series, being produced by Silver Link (by the same people that are behind the shows as Rakudai and Taimadou for the Fall season, and completed for example Kokoro Connect and Fate/kaleid) the budget for the show is quite a bit lacking. Not saying that this is bad, but it's not all that great either.

For example the production quality of the show is quite decent enough, although there are parts in the production quality where the faces aren't really well done, or to say the least not well produced, but it doesn't mean it equals as atrocious.

For the animation it seems quite mediocre at the times, at some points they just concentrate on the budget on the thighs at most case, at times it looks nice as a standard moments, but at times it just seems rather lazy since a little bit of the parts seems rather inconsistent.

For the backgrounds it seems rather fitting for the designs, as at the school setting backgrounds it looks quite light and alright. Not one of the best out there but it works for the designs at least.

For the character designs they look quite clean and pretty looking (I am saying this because I have no other words to say for description) at the same time the characters in the series at most stands out from your typical designs for the most part for these type of settings.

Overall the Art/Animation department is essentially one part of the downs of the show. Yes, one of. There's more to it.


One of the few weakest components of the show, by far the weakest part. The music soundtrack would be considered as fitting for the scenarios, but quite unoticeable. That's because this could have been heard loads of times before from my eyes. It's kind of a mellow and soft instruments, not rough or anything there.

And as for the sound it's really mediocre. To say it's really not that BAD but it's not all that amazing either. So I will say this is at least passable at least it doesn't sound like a ground breaking ear screech.

For the Opening and Ending, the Opening seems rather catchy and at the same time ridiculously engaging for me. I've heard this 100 times around and for some reason I can't stop hearing it.

The ending song however... not my type of music to say the least. It's not bad but it's not for my personal taste either.

Overall Thoughts:

In the enjoyment standpoint of my review I will say I like the show because it's kind of like this. After one comedy show ends from today (Wednesday) I have another one to actually enjoy. It's pretty funny and ridiculous, some very cute characters that I really like, it doesn't seem to be dragged out at least.

Outside of my enjoyment I would say, should I recommend this show? Well, sure I suppose. It's not for everyone, but if you want something to pass the time and enjoy yourself then you may have a nice time with this.