Dec 22, 2015
Licareo (All reviews)
This is a review of the web novel. For recommendations I would like to suggest to you Overlord, Tate no Yuusha, and Mushoku Tensei as they are of the same genre but are better than Death March in every conceivable way.

Death March brings a unique take on the being reincarnated into another world genre. If you are trying to decide whether or not to read this novel, I suggest that you don’t. This is the authors first and only work that has made it to publishing; which speaks to how much experience he has in his writing. The base concept is interesting and full of potential but in the end is only a sad attempt at wish fulfillment.

Let’s firstly talk about what was good. The story starts off interesting enough as Satou unknowingly causes a meteor shower that kills thousands of people which in turn gain him a very high level. He decides to roam around aimlessly as he does not know of a way to get back home, and goes to a city where we learn about the world that he is now in and await what situations Satou might get into. It sounds decent, but that is the only good thing about the novel, everything goes downhill from then on.

The main flaw of this series is that Satou is basically an immortal god due to his high level, he is the most powerful person in the world for doing pretty much nothing. This immediately removes any dramatic tension because we know that if anything were to happen, Satou would take care of it in an instant. He will never be in danger or anyone around him for that matter. Be prepared for long boring chapters with a complete lack of any suspense due to how overpowered the main character is. Not only is he incredibly powerful, he is also the greatest at doing absolutely everything because he gains abilities for doing anything you can think of, with no set rule of what ability he can and can’t gain; throwing the reader for a loop as to why he gained an ability for doing this action but not for doing that action. There is a magic in the world but it is so needlessly confusing that you will end up nodding your head and ignoring it as it is poorly fleshed out. The author is a horrible job in world building with nothing being detailed and there is nothing to learn about the cities other than their general descriptions. The art is okay, it’s not good and it’s not that bad but don’t expect too much from this series.

The characters are where I think Death March screws up the most in, especially after introducing the seven female leads. As a reader you will witness Satou remain the same throughout the most of the chapters, not changing the least as a character or person. In fact Satou comes off as sometimes being an inane and despicable character throughout the story as killing thousands of people does not even phase him. Everyone, including Satou, are one-dimensional characters with most, if not all, of the females falling under the “In love with Satou” category. I wonder if the author is literally incapable of writing a female character who is not in love with Satou sometimes. The females are bland and unoriginal and are divided into two major categories: big-breasts and flat-chests, with each having their respective clichéd trope attached with them. We basically learn next to nothing about their pasts, and when we do it is immediately brushed off leaving no impact on the reader and wasting your time for even reading it. But, the most dreadful thing is that the main females only purpose, other than annoying the reader, is to stop Satou from being involved with any other woman and punish him whenever he does, which is honestly stupid given how powerful he is. The female leads are the most useless characters in the whole novel as sometimes they fight a monster or whatnot, but in the back of our minds we know that Satou could do what they are doing in a matter of seconds. They have no motivations and serve no other role except being wish fulfillment. I would like to talk about the small number of male characters but trust me you won’t remember any of them in a couple of hours.

There is no surprises to be had as the story follows down a linear road of monotony. If you did not realize it after Satou left the city, then boy are you in for a treat. Expect every location he travels to, to be a literal knockoff of what you read in previous chapters. The whole plot from this point can be summed up with one sentence: Satou goes to new location making women fall in love with him, cooks food, and then he leaves. How boring does that sound? Repeat that process over and over and you have Death March. The most irritating thing is that the story mainly revolves around Satou being a great cook more than anything else.

Frankly the only reason I was able to read this much of it, is because I was stuck in class with nothing better to do. If you are the type of person that can turn off their brain while reading then by all means go ahead, but know that you could spend your time reading something better.