Dec 22, 2015
La_Matona301 (All reviews)
My DiaLover More Blood Review:

Story: Mediocre 5.
Art: Poor 3.
Sound: Good 7.
Character: Fair 6.
Enjoyment: Fair 6.
Overall: Poor 3.

Ok, after watching the last episode, I can't help but wonder and say "WTF, THAT"S IT, NOTHING CLIMATIC THAT GONNA HAPPEN???!!!"But will get to that, so. Story (up) despite of the changes in property possession ( and I' taking about pancake, M neko chan, Bitch Chan or Livestock) nothing has change at all , this still the girl whose being used by another group of property owners as their own personal blood ATM, and as usual there is no one to save her, now forget about the new plot where she has to serve as the Mukami's Eva and also, forget about the short climax about wolves attacking both the Mukami's and them Sakamaki's, cu'z non of it make any difference when this 12 min anime only runs for just 12 epiosdes, cu'z bottom line girl is just another blood ATM that another group of vampire wanna have, and "Yes" it's them Founders which makes this anime's category a "Mediocre." Art (up), just like the 1st season, them vampires simply just look like a bunch of old homosexual matrons with their sense of "Poor" fashion. Sound (up) I gave it a "Good" for the opening theme cu'z it really does represent the anime as a whole provided that the expectations are there...but not and neko chan's cute'z its cute. Character (up) well since the livestock (Yui) is in the possession of them Mukami's, let talk about them, first they started out as humans who lived a very impoverish and difficult condition that would have make one sympathize with them and compare to the Sakamaki's they're ehhhhhh a little bit nicer to their livestock (Yui), enough for me to give this category a "Fair" , but still they're a bunch of douchbags who just treats their livestock (Yui) as their own personal blood ATM and as for the livestock (Yui) nothing has change for her since she still serves as blood ATM regardless as to whom she is with. Enjoyment (up) when the wolves appeared, I've though that there gonna be a climax, so just for a brief moment I felt ecstatic which I would have give this category a "Fair" rating, but it ends on the last episode cu'z the last episode is basically a cliffhanger , so overall (up) I gave this anime a 3 since the original creator Rejet has a wrong concept about the Adam and Eve thingy that was suppose to brew in the Mukami's household was very much wrong, if the Mukami's orginal creator Rejet really wanted to properly conceptualize the Adam and Eve thing in the Mukami's house-hold, the them Mukami's shouldn't not only suck her blood but should also bang their livestock (Yui) as well. Frankly I feel like going to Japan, hunt down anime's original creator Rejet and stabbed him or her with a stake in the heart and tell him/her to leave as a game, beside the manga version didn't went well at all it only lasted for 1 volume. Season 3????? Don't even think about it.

PEACE and Happy Holidays to all of you, esses.