Dec 21, 2015
Wasshio (All reviews)
What would happen if I told you, a series that had a lot of potential to become one of the few hidden gems turned out to be one of those shows that wasted it's potential with a big fart bomb where it spouts out "Fuck You and the Audience"? Yeah, that's pretty much Comet Lucifer in a nutshell. A series that could have turned into something rather decent or enjoyable despite the flaws it had through the episodes, came out with something so insulting that it just pisses the audience and just stabs them like a knife. That's how most people felt in a way if I think about it in my perspective.

One thing that the show does completely wrong and it would break the show as a whole. In fact I wouldn't mind this issue but the problem with the show is that it built up so much, that one thing ruined the entirety of the show from becoming something rather decent or something passable into a big train wreck worse than Chaos Dragon. Which if you have seen that show, I think either you won't have the idea of how it's like but you would have an idea the show is bad, or you know and would avoid it like the plague it can be.

Before I start with my review I will give a fair warning towards the anime review. I will probably spoil some aspects of the show and that includes the ending (maybe) of the show. As well that each person has a different opinion so if you disagree with my opinion it's perfectly fine, each one has a different opinion and if you enjoyed the show then that's considered fine by me. Just be warned this review will be pointing out the issues of the show.

Without further, let's go into the review of Comet Lucifer.


The synopsis explains itself so pretty much in a short sentence, our main characters or group would be going on an adventure after Sougo finding the girl known as Felia in search for the secrets of the world (based upon the story for the first couple of episodes)

Now one thing the show has done good is a few minor things and that's actually something coming from a show that has a very low score.

For one thing the show had a nice buildup and foreshadow which would have been in the second half of the series, which despite the issues the show had it was of course interesting enough for a worthwhile and see if it’s going to go towards an acceptable anime despite the cons it had.

But that’s pretty much the pros of the story.

About the cons? Oh boy, how much I would have to say about the cons on the series and I will say this will not be pretty for the story department. So fair warning, this will not be a pretty review for this department.

One thing that Comet Lucifer does wrong, despite the plot being original and having a lot going forward, it's not executed properly at all. Basically because the whole cliche moments are taking away what the show could have become. And if it did had cliches at least make it miniscule so at least that would be considered as passable. But no, they keep spewing more and more and it's just not working for the show. It's just making it look like a child's cartoon series and it's not even working for the plot at all. It's just making it look more cringey as the episodes passed by until some episodes I stated that build up something.

Another thing the show had in the issue is the Slice of Life aspect. Literally if there is something fishy here is that the show has the mecha genre, but it's more of a Slice of Life show. And even if it had Slice of Life at least add something to the table, but unfortunately the show doesn't add something to the table along with that aspect and it just makes it even unbareable to watch after said episodes. Which this also causes the show to fall because more Slice of Life and less mecha doesn't fit right for this show especially with it's execution.

The romance subplot is another issue with the show because including with the final episode, it just goes as forced. The relationship between Sougo and Felia does not work at all in any way and the relationship between them does not fully develop and it just feels completely jarring and it doesn't in cooperate the main plot of the show THAT much. It just makes it very retarded also. Including the final episode and this is where I'm going to spoil the show, Kaon gets married with Roman.

Okay stop right there. KAON NEVER HAD LOVED ROMAN! She had feelings for Sougo, so why in the fuck at the final episode we get this? Them getting married and having kids. That seems just as worse as any type of romance I have seen. It just makes the show itself look as stupid as ever. It just makes you look like a dumbass at the end.

The explanations about Felia are very poor and at the same time very few things would been taken out, but not to the point of making the show understandable enough about her character and why would these people capture her. It's just ridiculous.

The adventure aspect doesn't work either because they're not putting any purpose to the main plot also, it just makes it look like "HEY KIDS LET'S GO ON A FUN RIDE TO FIND THE SECRETS OF FELIA!" Is this Dora the Explorer 2.0? Fuck no. You're telling me that and I would show this to my siblings but I ain't an idiot.

And finally the final episode. This is where I said in the prologue "a big fart bomb full of fuck you to the audience". Basically, nothing makes sense to the series and at the same time the ending just fucks off the audience with what I stated about the romance subplot, and that was in the finale, not to mention Felia just disappears and then Sougo turned into a fucking balloon, because that's how I personally perceived in the series. He turned into a big party balloon monster. Which was bad, and made no fucking sense.

This is one of those endings where you basically go and ask about life itself in a nutshell, and which is why I said the show has a lot of issues and it's pretty inconsistent, cliche as fuck, underdeveloped and also, a dumb as fuck ending which leaves just a big label as a dumbass.

In the end, the only things I can give the score for the show or the pros is only the build up and foreshadowing the show did, other than that, the story writing is confusing, cliche, not well done, everything was done poorly, the romance was forced, and the ending was shit.


Another thing that's probably the second bad component of the show is the character department. Simply put the characters like reading the whole Encyclopedia. Yeah, that's how boring they are. Not only that they are boring, but they are so underdeveloped that it makes me feel like this show was making a fun of everyone.

All of them are just bland and not that very interesting at all except for one of the character who's not the main ones. But getting straight into the point I guess we should describe the characters I guess.

Sougo is your stereotypical protagonist that has no type of personality. He's just as uninteresting as an empty headed brain, or a shell. He's just there for the sake of being there and it's just piss poor to see it, not to mention he doesn't really develop at all.

Felia also known as the main female protagonist, is nothing more than a cutesy moe character. Reasons being would be that her character isn't fleshed out and her development was poor as well, not to mention that the fact that we didn't found much info about her and why these people would go after her in the first place, and even if they did explained it doesn't fully get to understand her more. It's just ridiculous.

Then we have our main compañeros of this trope of friends Kaon, Roman and Otto, who simply are bland as clay and paper mashed together and it hurts badly to say that. They're just completely unnecesary to even have them in the first place, not to mention that BY THE END OF THE SHOW which I stated about the romance subplot being completely forced it makes the show just as retarded as it should be.

All of these main characters with the exception of one are not fleshed out at all and not really characterized, they are as bland as my chocolate cake that I am eating during the time I'm writing this review. They're just bland as hell and the fact that also their motivations are just thrown there like rocks.

The ONLY character I would care about is Moura, which I personally liked the little guy and at least that character was more likeable than any of the cast, but that's not an accomplishment.

Overall the characters are one of the second worst component of the show and that's saying something.


I will say on the positive side the production quality of the show isn't really that bad. The art style/visuals of the show seems rather moe and cute with standard backgrounds but that looks at least decently done, as for the color quality it's not really bad, but not great. It's more like standard to say the least.

The Mecha designs actually are very nice looking, but when it comes to the fights I guess the mechas are very inconsistent considering having CGI that just depends on how they do it. Other than that I think it's mediocre.

Character designs look very nice although a few are very generic and not one of the most well looking ones to say the least.

And the 2D animation looks very decent to say the least, not really a bad case to be honest.

Music/Sound/Voice Acting:

Now the music department isn't really one of the most good composed ones in this season, I think it's pretty mediocre. Song is forgettable but the soundtrack in itself sometimes fits with the scenarios and at times it just doesn't to say the least.

Sound department in a way is pretty meh compared to other shows that have the sound department approach. It wasn't something Kaboom and Blam but it's not something like I would go and hold my ears like my mom's shitty singing.

Opening for the song is composed by Fhana (she sang the OPs such as Boku wa Minna Kawaisou and Fate/Kaleid OP3) and the show is of course jolly and happy song, which is really nice and wonderful to hear.

As for the Ending song... I think it's not one of my favorites. Sure it's not like I would call it shit however the song doesn't go towards my taste in the end of the day.

For the voice acting I would go and say... it's of course stale, just stale but at the same time a few performances for me were done pretty decently despite the voice acting not standing out as I thought.

Personal Enjoyment:

I would personally not deny that I of course enjoyed the show in some areas, but on the other hand it's pretty mediocre to say because at the same time the moments of the show were just untolerable. It's really something. I enjoyed the artstyle and some of the soundtracks, and the Opening, other than that in the end the show went to a train wreck that would kill every body in a second.


Comet Lucifer is the prime example of trying too much that it epically fails on so many levels, that it's just so cringey that it also makes the show too childish to watch.

The show doesn't work as a mecha because it doesn't execute them properly.

The show doesn't work as a romance because it was forced that it looks completely stupid

The show doesn't work as an adventure because those moments are not really adding much as much to the main plot

The show doesn't work as a Slice of Life because the way they're doing the aspect is really cliche and it doesn't add anything to the plot.

The show executes the plot poorly that in the end leaves into dissatisfaction.

The ending of the show is really shit and it just breaks the show in it's entirety of what it build up (which was minor).

If anything, Comet Lucifer only had a few redeeming qualities that saved the show from being a 2/10, at the very least. In the end, the show is one of these that wasted what it could have been decent.

Would I recommend it? No I wouldn't. In fact, go and skip this one in my eyes, unless you want to see it just for the entertainment. Just... wasted potential.